Cutting-Edge Technology

BibleMesh utilizes some of the industry's most cutting-edge technologies.

Cloud-based vocabulary management

A patented, science-based learning application from Cerego makes vocabulary acquisition simple and successful. This application measures what you are learning and is able to predict to what degree you have mastered an item. Cerego can also predict how long you will remember an item without review, so it is able to present you with a word at the optimal time for you to retain mastery of it. What's more, Cerego is cloud-based, so you can seamlessly manage your vocabulary learning from whatever computer or mobile device is convenient for you. The result is that you will learn faster and remember longer. If you would like to learn more about this application, watch this brief video from our good friends at Cerego.

Rich variety of media resources

Additionally, BibleMesh Biblical Languages offers a rich variety of media resources. Concise videos explain key grammatical concepts in easy-to-learn ways. Other videos provide on-location teaching in Israel so that you can learn about the biblical text within its geographical context. Yet other videos present leading scholars explaining specific topics. Audio recordings help you to learn to pronounce Greek and Hebrew confidently since you are able to model your pronunciation after fluent speakers of Greek and Hebrew. Grammar articles also appear in each lesson, and you can conveniently access these and other text-based resources through our searchable reference library and morphology charts.

Lesson-by-lesson assessment tools

Lesson-by-lesson assessment tools provide you with feedback and help to ensure that you are learning and retaining important concepts as you proceed. Since your grades are recorded in a student gradebook, you are able to conveniently review your progress and chart your headway in the course.

Technology holds amazing potential to empower learning, and we are applying technology in ways that open new horizons in biblical language training.